Early Life


Miroslav Anton Marchanovic was born in the town of Banjaluka, Bosnia, in the year 1808. One of three children, he was raised working the land, and he seemed destined for a life as a farmer. But Miroslav would not settle for a life tilling fields, he had greater ambitions. Realising his ambitions,at age 17 his parents used a large amount of their savings to send him to St. Petersburg. He got a job as a runner for the Foreign Office, and it was this job that brought him his change. While on an errand to an upper-class "kniaz" or duke's residence, Miroslav was attacked. He was carrying a sword for his protection, and was able to defend himself. The Kniaz, who was nearby, came to the boy's aid, and watched in disbelief as the young Miroslav dispatched the bandits. Kniaz Andananov took the young Miroslav in, as he had sustained an injury on his right arm. While in the residence of the Duke, Miroslav came across very well-mannered and easy to talk to. The aging Duke took a liking to the boy, and took him in.

Life with the Duke

Miroslav was treated very well in the Duke's residence, and kept regular contact with his family in Bosnia.

to the writer of the article : is it a real story ???

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