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The Knights of Mata-Nui is a fictional Faction in the online TBRPG, BZPRPG. Comprimised mostly of Toa, some Matoran, and some others.

Knights of Mata-Nui History

The original Knights of Mata-Nui was formed by Mata-Nui himself millenia ago. Originally, it was nine Toa united to help defend Mata-Nui himself. These Toa fought in wars long forgotten, one specifically in which the original nine died...

It was a long war. Billions upon trillions of Matoran died. Sirea recalled some of it, though her memory has been largely erased to forget such a terrible war...

It was against Karzahni. He had been attempting to take over the entire world for a long while, slaying and enslaving all Matoran... Towards the end of the war, it seemed as though he had complete victory in his grasp. Only a few hundred thousand Matoran remained, and most of them in Artahka. He led a siege to the gates of Artahka, when nine very brave, very poweful Toa stood together against him. Using all their might, they defeated Karzahni. Using their life energies to repair the world, they sacrificed themselves to the greater good...

Except, one survived. Sirea. The originally leader of the Knights of Mata-Nui. She was alone in the universe. All her friends had died. Sometimes, she had questioned why she survived... But it always comes back to one answer: Mata-Nui meant her to restore the order.

At one time, the Knights, also known as Mata-Nui's Order and just simply the Order, was a household name, whereas now mentions of them are scarce... This is the way Karzahni planned it. He destroyed all records of them. He wished no one to know of their might and power.

Now, two millenia later, the Knights of Mata-Nui are once again a powerful force to reckon with. Over twenty Toa are currently members, as well as a few Matoran and others.

However now they come to a challenger: They are searching for the ancient Elementa masks, ten very powerful Kanohi that in the wrong hands would cause mass destruction... For this end, they have enlisted the help of the Xal-Fettk Union, sending Sirea herself to them as a token of good faith.

For information on current events and exact dates, please see the Knights of Mata-Nui Timeline.



Former Members:

Expelled Members:



The Chasm
The Temple
Tower Top



Energy Swords

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