This is the timeline of //ShadowT//'s organization, the Knights of Mata-Nui. For more information, please see the Knights of Mata-Nui.


-5000 Years Ago: The Knights of Mata-Nui are formed by Mata-Nui.
-4999 Years Ago: A leader is chosen. Her name is Sirea.
-3000 Years Ago: Karzahni begins the great war, enslaving or destroying all settlements.
-2000 Years Ago: The great war is ended by the Knights of Mata-Nui uniting their powers. With his last bit of power, Karzahni erases all mentions of them from history.
-300 Years Ago: Sirea begins rebuilding the Knights of Mata-Nui.
-20 Years Ago: Krauten is expelled from the order and mutated.
-10 Years Ago: Sirea chooses a second in command. His name is Kanai.
-5 Years Ago: Mala is expelled from the order and awaits being put on trial.
-4 3/4 Years Ago: Mala escapes from her cell.


For this, I will be using real dates.

-January 15th, 2007: Knights of Mata-Nui members Kanai and Sirea become engrossed in a battle with Zyrul, Brutaka, and Lanix.
-January 24th, 2007: The battle with Zyrul, Brutaka, and Lanix is ended.
-January 28th, 2007: Sirea sets sail with the Xal-Fettk to an island off the coast of Ga-Metru.
-February 1st, 2007: Sirea picks up a compass that leads her on a quest to a special Bow on the Island.

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