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This information is purely fictional and is for use in the Coterie of the Crimson Shadow LARP based in the created city of San Andreas.

Every character, and their status (not including Ascendency and Eminence‎), in alphabetical order. Characters who have attained 4 or 5 status are also listed under Prestation, as is Ascendancy and Eminence. This should be treated as the Master List for the Wiki if in doubt.

Player Characters







  • Fenris (Malekai) (Gangrel, Sanctified) 1





  • Kanis (Kaiser) (Gangrel, Ordo) 1
  • Kitsune (Stephanie) (Daeva, Ordo) 1
















Cold file

The following characters are retired, torpored, dead, or otherwise no longer in play.

Non Player Characters

  • Anthony Davis; Invictus Mekhet Claims to be visiting the city. His mission in San Andreas has not yet been revealed.
  • Richard Troxxel; Former Gangrel Priscus and Invictus Knight. Overthrown by Nightwolf in 1973 and missing since. Was a member of the Invictus for 68 years prior to arriving in San Andreas and joining the ranks of the previous prince. When Nightwolf entered the city, his dislike for Richard was quickly apparent and the emotion spread among the clan. Richard was known for getting things done for the Invictus, whatever way was necessary. The Gangrel clan was always low in number due to his use of them to make sure the Invictus cause was always well armed. Within ten years, Nightwolf had rallied the clan and forced Troxxel to face him for leadership. Troxxel has not been seen since.
  • William Salvador Preston; Former Ventrue, Invictus Prince of the City. Disappeared in 1967 when he finally realized his throne had been taken from under him by the Jarl.
  • Nathanial P. Coleburn; Invictus Ventrue Childe of Michael Law. He was presented to the Prince and received Acknowledgement in early 1895, though comments at the time indicated he was not a new vampire but had been summoned by his sire. He has served as Law's faithful secretary for the duration of the Harpy's tenure, speaking seldom and remaining a virtual non-entity in the city. Coleburn always carries a briefcase which is known to contain unsigned boon contracts and is rarely seen if he is not standing at the shoulder of his sire. Michael Law is rarely seen in any capacity that might be considered "official" without his childe at his side.
  • Walter Esley; Made the pact with Jarl Ragnar about the Ciudadela. Known to be a mage of considerable power he is currently in his 50's. Not much is known about him as he is isolated from the vampiric world and does not attract much attention in the mortal world. In recent nights, he has asked for a new treaty in order to give more land to his side. Additionally, it is known that he is sheltering the blood hunted diablerist Johnny Relic.
  • Isaac Richards; Invictus Mekhet, former Prisci of the Mekhet & Seneschal of the city. Renowned scientist who disappeared from the city in 1910 after declaring in Elysium that he had discovered the secrets to time travel and was leaving for the planet Mars.
  • Cale Antes; Invictus Nosferatu, former Herald of Prince Preston. Not a member of the brood. Accused of attempting to start a war between the Nosferatu and Gangrel he paid Nightwolf a Lifeboon not to kill him when captured by the Gangrel clan. The Lifeboon was spent to force him to go to torpor for several hundred years.
  • Ahleen Sudar; Invictus Ventrue, former Keeper of Elysium, Invictus Knight. Lord Sudar voluntarily entered in 1963 after having been rumored to be awake for more then 5 centuries.
  • Miranda Richards; Invictus Mekhet, childe of Isaac Richards. Miss Richards was embraced toward the end of the 19th century shortly before her sire vanished.
  • Shanna Andreas; Invictus Nosferatu, Childe of Alnfonzo Diego. Shanna was bought publicly by Diego in the 1830's from slave traders at the age of 7 she was raised by her Sire and embraced at the age of twenty-one. Her primary job appears to be as a record keeper for the Invictus and secretary for Diego. Unlike most Nosferatu she is incredibly beautiful in an almost unearthly way.
  • Father Domingo Ryos; Invictus Ventrue, Former Sherrif. Devout Spanish Catholic he was refused membership in the Lancea Sanctum for being too depraved. Father Ryos was discovered in 1815 to have kidnapped the daughter of the King of Spain and tortured and embraced her without the Prince's Permission. He was executed for his crimes.

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