• Tails -- Young Simba
  • Knuckles -- Mufasa
  • Dr Robotnik -- Scar


  • Knuckles: (cries) Robotnik! Brother, help me!
  • Dr Robotnik: Long live the echidna.
  • (Knuckles kicked off the gorge and hundreds and raging below.)
  • Knuckles: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!
  • (And finally...)
  • Tails: Noooooooooooo! Knuckles! Knuckles? (Looks like a "V" upside down the tree was broke. Under the log the Knuckles' death) Knuckles? Knuckles, come on! (Tails pushes from Knuckles' cheek, the merely rolls.) You gotta get up! Knuckles? We got to got home. (She tugs her Knuckles' face. Tails were nowhere limply back in place, Tails runs away from when crying closer are before he called.) HEEEEEEELP! Somebody... (This voice reverberates by deseperatly by the gorge.) ...anybody, help. (Starts to cry)
  • Dr Robotnik: Tails? What have you done?

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