Knuckles (from Sonic) Meets Mario/Monsters Inc.: Simulator Room

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  • Mario: Mike
  • Luigi: Sulley
  • Toadette: Boo
  • Toad: Child
  • Knuckles: Me #1
  • Sonic: Me #2
  • Vector: Me #3
  • Rouge: Me #4
  • Bowser: Waternoose
  • Wario: Fungus
  • Waluigi: Randall
  • Peach: Celia Mae
  • Daisy: Ms. Flint
  • Solid Snake (from Metal Gear): Yeti
  • Krusty (from The Simpsons): CDA
  • Link (from Zelda) as Bile


  • Knuckles: Let's go!
  • Luigi: Come on!
  • Mario: This is crazy. He's going to kill us!
  • Krusty: Careful, that could be terminated.
  • Mario: We gotta get outta here, now! We can't start gets whole new a far away. What a day! Good-bye, Mario, Inc.! Good-bye, Bowser!
  • Sonic: Oh, no, not the door!
  • Luigi: No, Mario, wait up!
  • Mario: Hey, what are you doing?
  • Luigi: Follow me. I have an idea.
  • Vector: Maybe were going out to Toad's room, show we?
  • Mario: No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!
  • Bowser: No, no, no, no, no! What was that? I tried to scare the kid was not lull to sleep.
  • Link: I were going for a snake-slash-ninja approach was a little muscles. (grunting) I telling weekend Ganondorf.
  • Bowser: How many times, do why have a tell you? It's all about presence, about how to enter the room!
  • Luigi: Bowser!
  • Sonic: It's me!
  • Bowser: Luigi, perfect timing.
  • Rouge: No, no, no, no sir. Ya don't understand.
  • Bowser: Ah, now, show these monsters have it's done.
  • Luigi: What? No, no, no, I can't. Sir, sir, you have listen to me.
  • Knuckles: Hey, hang on there, mister!
  • Bowser: Pay attention, everyone. You are about to see the best in the business, reset the simulator.
  • (Then it reseted.)
  • Luigi: But-but, sir!
  • Knuckles: What the...?
  • Toadsworth: Good night, sweetheart.
  • Toad: Night, Dad.
  • Toadette: Kitty!
  • Mario: No, Toadette, no, no!
  • Vector: Get your cute butt back here!
  • (She went near where the Toad was.)
  • Bowser: Now, give us a big, loud roar.
  • Luigi: (sighs) Bowser, there's no time for this.
  • Bowser: Come on, come on. What are you waiting for? Roar!
  • Luigi: But, but, but, sir!
  • Sonic: Hey, koopa-freak! We got something to tell ya!
  • Bowser: Roar! (shakes Sonic) Roar like you can scare her!
  • (Sonic yelped as she shaken his surprised. Then Luigi sighed before he finally roared, then Toad screamed as well but realize to call: Knuckles, Sonic, Rouge, Vector, and a crying Toadette. Luigi was noticed, but Toadette was running.)
  • Sonic: You!
  • Knuckles: Me? Could you picks up a horrible it's time to come here?
  • Bowser:  Well done! Well done, Luigi! Not Bad. Good For You!
  • Luigi: (worried) Toadette?
  • Sonic: Yeah, I think I just crap myself.
  • Vector: Yeah, I don't wanna hear about it.

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