Knuckles and Buddy Boar is the first episode of the fifthteenth season of Buster Bunny the Tiny Toon and Friends.


  • Buster J. Bunny as Thomas the Tank Engine
  • Knuckles the Echidna (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Gordon the Express Engine
  • Daniel Playpus (from Taz-Mania) as Bash
  • Timothy Playpus (from Taz-Mania) as Dash
  • Buddy Boar (from Taz-Mania) as Ferdinand
  • Daffy Duck (from Looney Tunes) as Victor
  • Digeri Dingo (from Taz-Mania) as Rocky
  • King Acorn (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Granny (from Looney Tunes) as Dowager Hatt
  • The Duke and Duchess as Themselves
  • Schoolchildren as Themselves
  • Workmen as Themselv
  • Rotor the Walrus (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Henry the Green Engine
  • Plucky Duck as James the Red Engine
  • Babs Bunny as Rosie
  • Captain Squeege (from Sonic the Hedgehog) as Salty
  • Gracie as Annie
  • Gladys as Clarabel
  • Little Beeper as Bertie
  • Porky Pig (from Looney Tunes) as Kevin
  • Wile E. Coyote (from Looney Tunes) as Cranky the Crane
  • Acres Brass Band as Sodor Brass Band
  • The Bargeman as Themselv
  • The Teacher as Female Themselv
  • A Tree Specialist as Themselv


Narrator: "Knuckles is a grand echidna.

Daniel, Timothy, and Buddy are new animals on Acme Acres.

On Tazmania, they bashed and they crashed, which Knuckles would never do.

But they all want to be really useful animals on King Acorn's territory.

One morning, Knuckles was delivering freight at the harbor."

Knuckles: "Hello, Buster."

Buster: "Good morning, Knuckles. It's busy here."

Narrator: "Knuckles grunted grandly."

Knuckles: "Luckily, King Acorn has a very special special for me. Soon I shall be away from all of this."

Narrator: "Knuckles sniffed at Daniel, Timothy, and Buddy. They were busy bashing Perfectoids."

Daniel: "One biff, one bash..."

Timothy: "...and there's never a crash!"

Buddy: "That's right!"

(Daniel, Timothy, and Buddy laugh)

Narrator: "Then, King Acorn arrived."

King Acorn: "Daniel, Timothy, and Buddy, you have shown me that you are really useful animals, so I have decided to give you each a reward to welcome you to my territory."

Timothy: "Oh, me!"

Daniel: "Oh, my!"

Buddy: "That's right!"

King Acorn: "Buddy, your reward is first. You are to share Knuckles' special."

Narrator: "Buddy's body pumped with pride! Knuckles' pride was in pieces."

King Acorn: "The Duke and Duchess are taking the statue of the Lion of Acme Acres for the summer. You, Knuckles, will take the Lion from Acme Looniversity to the summer house. Buddy will be your back animal."

Knuckles: "But, Sir..."

King Acorn: "Hurry, please. The Duke and Duchess are waiting!"

Buddy: "That's right!"

Narrator: "Later, Knuckles was carring the Lion of Acme Acres.

Knuckles was grumpy."

Buster: "Cheer up, Knuckles. Everyone will want to see you and the Lion of Acme Acres."

Narrator: "Knuckles huffed huffily. Knuckles didn't want to share his very special special with funny frumpy Buddy."

Knuckles: "Oh, the indignity!"

Narrator: "Knuckles and Buddy huffed to a junction. The Lion of Acme Acres jiggled and juttered. Then, an idea burst in Knuckles' head."

Knuckles: "I don't want anyone to see me with funny frumpy Buddy! I am Knuckles, I am fastest and best, and I take the express!"

Narrator: "So Knuckles decided to take the quiet track to the Duke and Duchess' summer house."

Knuckles: "Now no one will see me!"

Narrator: "Knuckles chuffed cheerfully. There was no one around. Knuckles was pleased with his plan. Then, Knuckles saw path works ahead, and a group of Animators."

Knuckles: "Bother!"

Narrator: "Knuckles had to stop. The Animators stopped, too. They peered and they cheered, they whispered with wonder, not at Knuckles, not at the Lion of Acme Acres, but at Buddy! Buddy smiled. Knuckles grumped more."

Knuckles: "This is not my plan!"

Narrator: "And Knuckles pulled slowly past the waving animators."

Knuckles: "I am Knuckles! I am fastest and best, and I take the express!"

Narrator: "Knuckles and Buddy rattled and raced to a junction. The Lion of Acme Acres wobbled and wiggled."

Knuckles: "The track to the station will be quiet! No one will see me with funny frumpy Buddy!"

Narrator: "Knuckles huffed happily along. There was no one around. Knuckles was happy with his plan.

But at the station, there were lots of people. Granny and a group of children were waiting for Buster."

Granny: "Stop, Knuckles!"

Child #1: "Who's that?"

Child #2: "I don't know."

Granny: "Who are you?"

Buddy: "Buddy Boar."

Narrator: "The children peered and cheered, they whispered with wonder. Not at Knuckles, not at the Lion of Acme Acres, but at Buddy!"

Granny: "You are a fine animal, buddy."

Narrator: "Buddy's heart fizzed and whizzed! Knuckles' flickered and flashed."

Knuckles: "This is not my plan!"

Narrator: "Knuckles raced and rattled along the path."

Knuckles: "I am Knuckles! I am fastest and best, and I take the express!"

Narrator: "Then, another idea popped in his head."

Knuckles: "I will take the path across the Fenland to the summer house!! No one will see me there!"

Narrator: "Knuckles was pleased with his plan. Knuckles thundered across the Fenland. the tiny bridge creaked and cracked. Buddy puffed and panted. He was worried."

Buddy: "You should slow down, Knuckles!"

Knuckles: "I don't listen to funny frumpy animals! I am Knuckles, fastest and best, and take the express!"

Narrator: "Then there was trouble. Knuckles hit a bump in the bridged. The statue jumped and with a splash and a crash, the Lion of Acme Acres tipped and toppled into the muddy marsh. Knuckles heard the squelch and the squish, he screeched to a stop."

Knuckles: "I've lost the Lion of Acme Acres! It's a disaster! Oh, the indignity!"

Buddy: "That's right."

Narrator: "Knuckles groaned."

Knuckles: "I didn't want anyone to see me, and now no one can see me, and no one is here to help."

Narrator: "Buddy smiled his funny smile."

Buddy: "I'm here, Knuckles. I can help."

Narrator: "Knuckles' feet wobbled.

Knuckles: "Pumping parts! I have been Grumpy Knuckles. I thought I was grander than you. I was wrong. I see now you are a very grand friend. Buddy, would you help a funny, frumpy animal like me?"

Buddy: "Of course I will! I'll go and get Digeri right away. You'll look after Mr. Lion."

Narrator: "And Buddy rattled away. Later, Digeri had lifted the Lion of Acme Acres back to Knuckles and Buddy."

Knuckles: "Thank you, Digeri."

Digeri: "Happy to help, Knuckles."

Buster: "I'm sure Daffy will have the lion glossy and gleamy in no time."

Knuckles and Buddy: "That's right?"

Narrator: "At the Acme Workshop, Daffy was happy."

Daffy: "There you are, Knuckles. The Lion of Acme Acres is shining like a star."

Knuckles: "Thank you, Daffy."

Narrator: "Then, Knuckles gulped."

Knuckles: "Buddy, I have a plan. We will carry the Lion of Acme Acres along all the busiest paths to the summer house, and you will be the front animal!"

Narrator: "Buddy giggled and jiggled with joy!"

(Buddy giggles)

Buddy: "I am the luckiest animal in Acme Acres!"

Narrator: "So Knuckles, Buddy, and the Lion of Acme Acres puffed proudly. Wherever they chuffed they were cheered. Buddy felt very very grand.

At last, they arrived at the Duke and Duchess' house. The Duke and Duchess were surprised to see Buddy.

Duke: "Who are you?"

Knuckles: "This is my friend, Buddy!"

Narrator: "Knuckles grinned, and he couldn't have felt grander!"

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