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  • May 11 2008, Completed: 3 Boss Souls
    • Orginazed by Chrya
    • Participants: To be announced.
    • Purpose: Wa Wabbit Fabric, Dragon Pig leather, Dofus.

  • August 17,Completed: 2008 Lord Crow
    • Organized by Gelding
    • Participants: Gelding, Ariane, (TBA)
    • Purpose: Drops, Gelding would like to fight Lord Crow

  • August,Completed: Moowolf Souls Stones
    • Orginazed by Chrya
    • Participants: To be announced.
    • Purpose: Exp. and Drops

  • July 31, Completed: Larva Dungeon Run
    • Organized by Ariane
    • Participants: Chrya, Ariane, Oniros, Gelding, Pharos, Ginerva, REDsnapper, Sinisher
    • Purpose: Shin skin for Chrya!

  • July 30, Completed: Cawwot Dungeon Run
    • Organized by Gelding
    • Participants: Chrya, Ariane, Oniros, Pharos, Gelding
    • Purpose: XP/D (Exp, and Drops) Pharos needs a Cawwot Dofus, Gelding would like a spare.

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