This is just a test page for now.

How this works

Certain funds and resources are designated as "common to the guild" and will be managed under a separate account accessible by the guild leadership. Funds from this account will be used to obtain equipment and rare resources, keys for dungeons, and material for levelling professions.

Proposed projects

If you wish to use the guild funds for a certain project, please list it here. Projects will be approved if agreed upon by a majority of the stakeholders.

Set of 8 Skeunk keys

  • Proposed by: Ariane
  • Purpose: To act as a template proposal
  • Vote:
    • Yes: Ariane Chrya Sinisher
    • No:

Fund status

  • Cash: 0 kamas
  • Investments:
    • 0 kamas used for Powerful Wisdom Scrolls (05/27/08)

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