Profession Prime Alternates
Alchemist Oniros Andromache
Farmer Oniros Ginerva, Ariane, Sinisher
Lumberjack Ariane Xan-Grey 6x Chrya 6x
Baker Oniros Ginerva, Ariane
Miner Atreus KorradoXan 7x
Jeweller Chrya Andromache 6x Gelding 3x
Tailor Lysistrata
Shoemaker Sinisher 6x Lysistrata 8x/100 Gelding 3x
Handyman Ginerva Shandris 1x, Atreus 00
Staff carver Athene Terryl 2x
Wand carver Athene 6x/100
Bow carver Athene 6x/100
Axe smith Shandris
Dagger smith Chrya
Hammer smith Lysistrata
Sword smith Andromache 6x/100
Shield smith Xan-Grey 1x
Shovel smith Atreus 6x/100
Fisherman Alexi 6x
Fishmonger Alexi 8x
Hunter Keres 7x
Butcher Keres 7x

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