Koji is the rival of Keegan, the love interest of Brittany, and the worst nightmare of Ramona appearing in Good 'Quil Hunting. Voiced by Ted Lewis, he has spiky purple hair, black eyes and wears a red unbuttoned coat, light blue jeans and green and yellow shoes. At his age, he is 12 years old.


  1. Unnamed Parents
  2. Brittany (Love Interest)
  3. Keegan (Rival)
  4. Ramona (Biggest Fanatic)


  1. Liking for Brittany
  2. Wooing for Ramona
  3. Working for the Gym Badge Thieves


  1. His rivalry with Keegan
  2. Being rejected
  3. Fooling himself

List of Five Things that he admired Ramona

  1. Dating her
  2. Marrying her
  3. Woo for her
  4. Dancing with her
  5. Hanging out with her


  1. He is the main rival of Keegan
  2. His only love interest is Brittany
  3. Because he is 12, he knows that
  4. Everyone seems to make amends to him
  5. He is also behind a lot of trouble
  6. His rivalry with Keegan is unfolded.

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