Koji Gets Spooked is a Ash The Pokemon Trainer and Friends episode.


  • After an accident invlolving the Beedrill faling to the swamp and a punishment from an unhappy Steven, Koji teases Malachi about the ghost that was going to spook him and his special hat. But Benji tells him the story about the ghost boy. The plan soon worked.


  • Malachi
  • Benji
  • Koji
  • Steven


  • Alec Baldwin: The little boys were busy clearing their roadway of leaves and broken branches. Malachi and Benji often work together. One day, Benji helped Malachi to a soda table. Malachi felt much better after his long drink but the Beedrill were bored.
  • Beedrill: Let's break away.
  • Alec Baldwin: Their loads were heavy and the ropes old. One snapped.
  • Beedrill: Faster, faster!
  • Alec Baldwin: Shouted the Beedrill. A

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