• Lua as Blythe Baxter
  • Nessie as Zoe Trent
  • Great Bear's Son as Vinnie Terrio
  • Amina as Penny Ling
  • Susanna as Minka Mark
  • Pachycepalosaurus Mother as Pepper Clark
  • Jason as Sunil Nevla
  • Wiseman as Russell Ferguson
  • Dr. Lorna Jenkins as Buttercream
  • Great Bear as Roger Baxter
  • Zilla Jr. (from Godzilla: The Series) as Jasper Jones
  • Female Triceratops as Sue Patterson
  • Caroline as Youngmee Song
  • Tiger Lucy as Brittany Biskit
  • Female Tyrannosaurus Rex as Whittany Biskit
  • Ramon De La Porta as Fisher Biskit
  • Giant Lizard as Monban
  • Pachycepalosaurus as Josh Sharp
  • Eric Tann Tannenbaum as Digby
  • Chander as Mary Francis
  • The Boy and his Dog as Pete's Friends
  • Triceratops as L-Zard
  • Yeti as Shahrukn
  • Kong as Old Bananas
  • Billy as Shivers
  • Giant Sabertooth Tiger as Steve
  • Wise Shaman as Raccoon Chief
  • Andre and Paco (from Jackie Chan Adventures) as Other Raccoons
  • Omar as Wiggles McSunbask
  • Seth as Ramon
  • Saura as Desi
  • Great Bear's Wife as Gail Trent
  • Giggles as Tangier
and more

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