• Jason as Scooby Doo
  • Great Bear's Son as Shaggy Rogers
  • Great Bear as Fred Jones
  • Lua as Daphne Blake
  • Pachycepalosaurus Mother as Velma Dinkley
  • Chander as Daniel Illiwara
  • Kong as Jasper Ridgeway
  • Wiseman as Malcolm Illiwara
  • Susanna, Nessie, and Amina as The Hex Girls
  • Chiros as The Yowie Yahoo
  • Ramon De La Porta, Yeti, and Omar as The Wildwind Vampires
  • Hyenas as The Dingoes
  • Rajeev as Crocodile
  • Frazetti as Russell/Dark Skull
  • Professor Johnson as Harry/Stormy Weathers
  • Professor MacKay as Barry/Lightning Strikes
  • Eric Tann Tannenbaum as Matt Marvelous
  • Zilla Jr. (from Godzilla: The Series) as Jack
  • Great Bear's Wife as Queen
  • Pachycepalosaurus as King

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