• Great Bear's Son as Scooby Doo
  • Jason as Shaggy Rogers
  • Billy as Scrappy Doo
  • Frazetti as Matches
  • Female Triceratops as Mrs. Grimwood
  • Lua as Sibella
  • Amina as Winnie
  • Pachycepalosaurus Mother as Elsa
  • Nessie as Phantasma
  • Susanna as Tanis
  • Triceratops as Legs
  • Tiger Lucy as Revolta
  • Ramon De La Porta as Grim Creeper
  • Velociraptors and Mummies as Bats
  • Brachiosaurus as Colonel Calloway
  • Chander as Tug
  • Pachycepalosaurus as Miguel
  • Zilla Jr. (from Godzilla: The Series) as Jamal Williams
  • Apatosaurus as Grunt
  • Dr. Nagire as Baxter
  • Kong as Count Dracula
  • Wiseman as The Werewolf
  • Great Bear as Frankenstein
  • Eric Tann Tannenbaum as A Phantom
  • Carl Denham (from King Kong/Kenny and the Lost World) as The Mummy
  • Jason's Clone as Mirror Monster
  • Rajeev as Well Dweller
  • Chiros as Godzilla
  • Dr. Lorna Jenkins as Godzilla's Daughter

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