• Jason as Robin
  • Kong as Cyborg
  • Great Bear's Son as Beast Boy
  • Pachycepalosaurus Mother as Raven
  • Lua as Starfire (both have red hair)
  • Ramon De La Porta as Slade
  • Great Bear as Thunder
  • Eric Tann Tannenbaum as Lightning
  • Chander as Aqualad
  • Wiseman (Top of the World (Episode)) as Fixit
  • Tiger Lucy as Jinx
  • Seth as Brother Blood
  • Giant Sabertooth Tiger as Mammoth
  • Omar as Gizmo
  • Susanna as Terra
  • Dr. Lorna Jenkins as Bumblebee
  • Nessie as Kole
  • The Boy (Sir James Alex's Legacy) as Mas
  • The Boy's Dog as Menos
  • Chiros as Trigon
  • Zilla Jr. (from Godzilla: The Series) as Speedy
  • Yeti as Puppet King

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