Version 1

  • Yeti as Mufasa
  • Pachycephalosaurus as Sarabi
  • White Bear's Son as Young Simba
  • Chomper's Mother (from The Land Before Time) as Sarafina
  • Ducky (from The Land Before Time) as Young Nala
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex as Adult Simba
  • Female Tyrannosaurus Rex as Adult Nala
  • Triceratops as Zazu
  • Chiros as Scar
  • Velcoiraptors and Mummys as The Hyenas
  • Chandar as Timon
  • White Bear as Pumbaa
  • Gigantophis as Rafiki
  • Lua as Young Kiara
  • Jason Jenkins as Young Kovu
  • Nessie as Adult Kiara
  • Kong as Adult Kovu
  • Giant Humanoid Cat as Zira
  • Ominous as Nuka
  • Dil (from The Land Before Time) as Vitani
  • Prehistoric Beasts as The Other Animals
  • Eric Tann Tannerbaume as Uncle Max
  • Dr. Loran Jenkins as Ma

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