Kongu888's comics was a very bad and cheap comic series. No body viewed it. (Says Kongu888.)

The characters where: Kongu888: The intelligent author, MPFM's best friend. MPFM (Mr. Pickle Floating mask.) Gan: (In version 1, 2, and 3, Gan was an evil Vahki.) A kind watoran who has a flourishing past. Exofic: A power given Av-Matoran. TLM2: Kongu888's caaring sister

Future: the chances of the future are very little, but Kongu888 is planning a new comic series, If you give a moron a salt shaker, the known characters are, Kongu888: (entered portal to outer comic land) (transformed) MPFM: (entered portal) Dr. Onion Ring: An insanely evil matoran Microwave Stick: Dr. Onion Ring Dimwitted henchman TLM2: (radiation of portal messed up her brain) Dr. Onion Ring's smart henchmen. Fred: A dimwitted Matoran of Fire.

Eternal Links: The comics

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