Bowser as Godzilla

Squirtle as Minilla

Marth as Ozaki

Ike as Kazama

Zero-Suit Samus as Miyuki

Princess Peach as Anna

Pikachu as Anna's Dog

Mario as Captain Gordon

Luigi as Major Kumoro

Captain Falcon as Commander Muasaka

Olimar as Secretary General

Regular Samus as EDF Commander

Ice Climbers as Shobijin

Donkey Kong as Grandpa

Diddy Kong as Grandson

Jigglypuff as Mothra

Mewtwo as Monster X

R.O.B. as Gigan

Dark Link as Xilian Controller

Ganondorf as Xilian General

Sonic as Anguirus

Charizard is Rodan

Wolf as King Caesar

Meta Knight as Kamacuras

Ivysaur as Kumonga

King Dedede as Ebirah

Mr. Game & Watch as Hedorah

Yoshi as Zilla

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