Koras Aldamar is a Togruta male Jedi. During his lifetime, he served in the Clone Wars as a Jedi General, and the many other battles and conflicts during his life. He also was part of the Darth Dude conflict. Koras was created by Dork of Mordork, a member of The Jedi Order forum.

Early life

Koras was born on Shili to a common Togruta family in one of the cities in Shili. Shortly after, he was taken to the Jedi Academy on Bakura. He was close friends with Ruimarques, a human padawan, who would later become Koras' apprentice. And Asil Leikane, who would later become his master.


Koras was not a padawan for long. Asil Leikane had become a knight before Koras, and took Koras as her apprentice. Koras was a fast learner, and it wasn't long before his Padawanship was over.


When Koras was knighted, he soon was able to choose a padawan. He took his friend, Ruimarques as his padawan. After some years, Rui was knighted, and Koras took on another apprentice, Dante. Dante was already close to becoming a knight, so he was not Koras' padawan for long.


When Koras was a Jedi Master, he had gotten a message from Abba, a long time friend, and the Grand Master of the order. Koras was asked to be present in the Council chambers for a meeting, something he often did, but this time... it seemed different. Koras went to the Council room, and stood in the middle this time, instead of taking a seat. Then, out of the door he had just came through, walked a young Togruta female. Abba told Koras that her name was Ketha. Ketha Aldamar. Koras' only sister. Koras was shocked, but believed it nontheless. He took her as his padawan.

Jedi Council

Years had gone by, and Ketha was already knighted. Koras was asked to join the Jedi Council on Bakura, and he did so. He also took up Jorrik Regana, Abba's brother. Though he never fully thrained his padawan, due to the fact that Jorrik disappeared one day, and Koras hasn't seen him since.

Character profile

The character Koras Aldamar was created by Dork of Mordork, a member of The Jedi Order.


-Koras Aldamar (Kor-az) (Al-da-marr)
















-Has broken his leg once, but it has fully healed.
-Has a small scar on his shoulder from a duel with Darth Acrimonus.


-Laid back
-Light side
-At times acts like a Mandalorian

Home Planet:



-One of the many busy cities on Shili.


-Light freighter (same colors as the Ebon Hawk, except grey not the reddish copper color.)
-Jedi Interceptor (Black and silver colored.)
-FireSpray (Light and dark shades of grey.)


-Z4-7 Speeder bike (normal color)

Lightsaber combat style:

-Djem Sokashi


-Styled after Shaak Ti's saber
-Styled after Saesee Tiin's first saber

Lightsaber crystals:

-Blue saber: Jenruax
-Silver saber: Opila


-Basic Jedi equipment
-Mandalorian heavy blaster (KOTOR 2)
-Mandalorian melee shield
-Zeison Sha gloves
-SoroSuub Hush-98 comlink
-SoroSuub Imagecaster
-Republic Credits
-Aqua breather


-HK-50 Assassin droid
-R2 series Astromech droid


-Zeison Sha Warrior Armor
-Dark grey robe


-Jedi Council member



Type of Jedi:

-Jedi Guardian
-Jedi Weapon Master


-Skilled pilot
-Extremely skilled in lightsaber combat
-Skilled in slicing
-Extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat


-Jawa Trade

Force powers:

-Force push
-Force pull
-Force jump
-Force persuasion
-Force sense

Specialty Force powers:

-Breath Control
-Electrical Judgment
-Force Aura
-Force Repulse
-Force Heal
-Battle Meditation (not fully developed)

Former Master:

-Asil Leikane "Shatterpoint"

Former Padawan/s:

-Ketha Aldamar (fictional character, also his sister)
-Jorrik Regana (never fully trained)

Current Padawan:



Koras has been in many fanfictions, fanfictions mentionable would be Koras: The Jedi Purge and (a non-canon fanfiction written by Dork of Mordork.) The Life of Empress Saber (an amazing fanfiction written by the member Darth Shadow.)

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