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This is a parody with audio clips from Sonic the Hedgehog episodes and video clips from various Korean anime (aka manhwa).


  • Ddoli as Sonic
  • Sooki as Sally Acorn
  • Ho-Soon as Amy Rose
  • Hee-Jin as Tails
  • Hee-Jin's older brother as Kunckles
  • Hae-Chan as Rouge
  • Red Leader as Dr. Eggman
  • Red Fox as Shadow
  • Chris Thorndyke as himself

Manhwas Used

  • Ddoli the General (1978, 제3땅굴편 똘이장군)
  • Gancheopjamneun Ddolijanggun (1979, 간첩잡는 똘이장군)
  • Ddoli the Royal Secret Inspector (1980, 꼬마어사 똘이)
  • The Mischevious Alien and the Golden Pencil (1983, 황금연필과 개구장이 외계소년)

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