Act 1

  • Olie Polie: (jumps on the trampoline) Come on, Billy! Play with me! Play WITH ME! PLAY WITH ME!!
  • Kirby (The Brave Little Toaster): Olie, get off of trampoline! You will hurt yourself somebody!
  • Olie Polie: Whoa! (stops) Ta-da!
  • Kirby (The Brave Little Toaster): You know, that's why a trampoline, Billy!
  • Billy Bevel: Just like she's hurting me! Can't I relax out here without anybody disturbing me?!
  • Olie Polie: I'm not gonna stop jumping on you, Billy! Until you say you'll play with me! (gets sucked into trampoline)

Act 2

  • Jafar: Iago vanished! Come on, Iago, quit fooling around. Hey, Iago! Where are you? Iago! Hey, Iago!

Act 3

  • Vector: I got a wiggly in my straight button! Get it out! GET IT OUT!
  • Knuckles: Just pop his out, Vector! Pop her!
  • Vector: (he pops, causing her to crocodile over the land and a mud puddle)

Act 4

  • Claire Redfield: You know what? I changed my mind. I'm gonna find someone else to play with!

Act 5

  • Tuff: Um, Vulcan Raven, since Kirby is on Tiff's head and you on Kirby's head, I was just wondering if you would let me be on your head.
  • Vulcan Raven: No way, Tuff! I've had enough of having others on my head! I had our mother on my head, I had Meta Knight on my head, I had Kirby on my head.
  • Kirby: And you really had a big problem with that true!
  • Vulcan Raven: We'll talk about that later, Kirby! (to Tuff) Anyway, I just had enough of everyone else trying to get on my head, and the last thing I needed is a wresting on my head!
  • Tuff: But we'd look much taller that way! Oh, please, let me be on your head just this one time! Pretty please with a cherry on top?
  • Vulcan Raven: NO!
  • Tuff: Aww!
  • Tiff: Gee, Tuff, that was selfish of you to not let one of your own best friends be on top of your head!

Act 6

  • James Bond: For the final time, I've had enough of having others on my head! Now, stop calling me names and stand still! I almost got the window open!

Act 7

  • Ada Wong: Great show, huh, guys?
  • Leon Kennedy: Yeah, we will enjoy it more if you would just get off my head!
  • Ada Wong: Leon, old pal...

Act 8

  • Kenneth Baker: I'm telling on you for yelling at me and calling me names! (crying)

Act 9

  • Kirby (The Brave Little Toaster): Blanket, please don't tell on me! I'm sorry, OK? I take back everything I said about you! I'm sorry!

Act 10

  • Solid Snake: Apology accepted. And I'm sorry for making complaints about someone being on my head. Of course, you have been supporting me on your head without complaining, so I shouldn't be complaining about you doin' the same to me when we're watching TV.
  • Mei Ling: Thank you, Snake, and I'll always be there to support you on my head when we need to reach for high things or sneak into places where we're not allowed in.
  • Solid Snake: Good, I don't want you to act the same way Colonel acted with me when I sat on her head one time.
  • Mei Ling: Don't worry, Snake, I won't be like that.

Act 11

  • Olie Polie: (cries) Waaaaahahahahaaaaa!!!
  • Cassim (Aladdin: And the King of Theives): (to Billy, while grumbles by yourself) Cry, cry, weep, wail and sob! It's disgusting!
  • Cody (The Rescuers: Down Under): Cassim! Stop acting like Kirby from The Brave Little Toaster!

Act 12

  • Toaster: Oh, aren't you a nice, cute little Blanky? You are! Come over here!
  • Blanky: You kwno, it's a good thing that belchie used his embrassement gun on Toaster to stop her from trying to make a household appliances.

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