(The castle inside has beautiful stone faces, and it transitions to the castle door being opened)

Spike: Princess, where are you?

(Transitions to the birds flapping on top of the roof)

Spike: It's very spooky in here. I ain't playing no games.

(Kovu comes in in knight form and sees the castle)

Kovu: Oh. Well, at least we know where the princess is, but where's the--?

Spike: PONY!

(Rarity breathes fire on the castle)

(AnimatedFan195 Productions logo)

Narrator: AnimatedFan195 Productions invites you to a land of fairytales.

(The bed moves into Kovu)

Kovu: Hey! Oh no no no no! Dead broad off the table!

Doc (The 7D): Well, where are we supposed to put her? The bed's taken!

(Kovu rushes to his bed to find Discord reading a book in bed)

Discord: What?

Narrator: Where an unlikely hero

(Kovu roars at Spike)

Spike: You definitely need some Tic-Tacs or something 'cause your breath stinks!

Narrator: rescues a fair princess

GoGo Tomago: You didn't slay the pony?

Kovu: It's on my to-do list.

Narrator: from a nasty old man

Timon: Eat me!

(Timon spits on Robert Callaghan)

Robert: Ugh!

Narrator: with the help of his trusty dragon pal.

Spike: This is gonna be fun! We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I'm making waffles!

(Kovu charges to save Spike from Rarity)

Kovu: Ahh!

Narrator: This summer,

Spike: Aaaaahhhh!

Narrator: one name spells action,

(GoGo Tomago defeats the Forty thieves, and in slow motion when she attacks the two of them)

Kovu: You're not exactly where I expected.

(Rarity flies over with Kovu and Spike in it)

Narrator: one name spells adventure,

Robert: Have at him!

(Kovu defeats two of the villains in a match)

Spike: I just now before this is over, I'm gonna need a whole lot of serious therapy.

(Kovu runs in slow motion along with GoGo Tomago and Spike)

Narrator: one name

Kovu: Don't look down!

(One of the wood frame breaks and Spike gasps to see that Spike looks down)

Spike: Kovu, I'm looking down!

Narrator: spells romance,

(Kovu slurps the weed rat in his mouth and burps)

Spike: It's no way to behave in front of the princess!

(GoGo Tomago burps loudly)

Spike: Oh, wow! She's nasty as you are.

Kovu: Come on!

(The battle comes in as Kovu breaks the beer onto the villains, Rarity chasing Spike, and the villains prepare to load their arrows)

GoGo Tomago: There's an arrow in your butt!

(GoGo Tomago takes out an arrow on Kovu's butt and Kovu moans)

(GoGo Tomago knows the rules to Kovu)

Kovu: Owwww!

Narrator: and that name is...

GoGo Tomago: Kovu.

Spike: Kovu?

Kovu: Thank you very much! I'm here til Thursday.

Narrator: Kovu, Spike, GoGo Tomago, Robert Callaghan.

Spike: You love this woman, don't you?

Kovu: Yes.

Spike: You wanna hold her?

Kovu: Yes!

Spike: Please her?!

Kovu: YES!

Spike: Then you gotta, gotta, try a little tenderness!

(Rarity chases the three while fire breathing the bridge, until Kovu and GoGo Tomago didn't fall into the lava pit while Spike falls into the lava pit, grabbing him up)

Title: Kovu.

Narrator: Kovu.

Spike: Wow! Let's do that again!

Kovu: No! No!

(Spike runs to the Duloc theme song but Kovu grabs him)

Tagline: Coming Soon.

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