A Kradian

The Kradians are a humanoid race which possesses a limited ability to sense seijens. The Kradians have grey fur, and two cone-like horns on top of their heads. These horns are actually nerve-filled receptors that register the presence of infrared, radio, light, and electromagnetic emissions. These cones also have the ability to sense the presence of a Seijans powers as a vague buzzing. They come from a moon called Krad 4, and have an instinctual distrust of bots, for the bots energy emissions foul up their sensitive horns. The Kradians have come to rely on their cones for a great many things and, as a consequence, they have a hard time interpreting the emotions of other races. This problem is rumored to have led to the Duinuogwuin-Kradian conflict. The one emotion most Kradians are sure of is love, and falling in love at first sight is a common occurance among prospective mates. When two Kradians mate, they do so for life and begin raising a family as soon as possible. The Kradians are a race of hunters, and have little or no political affiliations. They have one of the few societies which exists in a peaceful anarchy.

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