• Name: Krauten (English Translation: Stalker)
  • Race: Unknown.
  • Appearance: A large creature with eight apendages (four arms, four legs). His body is about seven feet tall, not including his legs. At the end of his hind arms there are pincers. His front arms have claws (hands) that hold weapons. His face is covered in a mask of similar design to the Kualsi and has lime green eyes. He has spikes all down his back.
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Powers:

--Super Strength
--Control over two elements: Ice and Fire.
--Acid can be sprayed out of his pincers.
--Laser Vision

  • Weapons:

--Spikes on his back
--Hind arms have pincers attached to them. (Each pincer is as sharp as a razors edge)
--Searing Dagger(s) (Fakes the brain into thinking that there is a searing pain wherever the daggers hit)

  • Personality: An extremely bitter and cold person. Will destroy entire villages and cities for the power he claims he rightfully deserves. Preffers to work alone.
  • Biography: One of the few remaining of his species (Only aproximately twenty to thirty remaining), Krauten is a renouned and highly famed Bounty Hunter, originally having worked for the Dark Hunters.

Much of his history is shrouded in mistory. Not many know what made him so bitter and cold towards everyone, and those who do are top on his list of people to kill.

Shortly after leaving the Dark Hunters, he joined a league of Bounty Hunters known as the Xal-Fettk Union. There he quickly rose up in ranks racking up bounty after bounty.

It is unknown how he hunts down his bounties, but his name would suggest he stalks them. This could be the reason most of his bounties come in dead.

Little does Krauten know, however, that he was once a member of an elite group of Toa, the Knights of Mata-Nui, before he was expelled for unspeakable crimes against the Order, and Mata-Nui himself... It was at that time his memory was wiped, and he was turned into another species as punishment.... With no memory of his past life as a Toa.