Kris Kringle! is an upcoming online animated short. It is the pilot, the first online short, and the first holiday special of The Kris Show. It is scheduled to air in mid 2010.


The Kris Show episode
Kris Kringle!
Episode Information
Season: Online Shorts
Episode Number: Short 1
Production Code: 002
Airdate: TBD 2010
TV or Online?: Online
Production Information
Directed by: Ryan "Fernando Crescando"
Interests: Ryan "Fernando Crescando"
Character Debut(s): Ten:
  1. Kris Slobman
  2. Aldman Yolo
  3. Jordan Milenton
  4. Zazie MacAllis
  5. Mr. Staneuro
  6. Mayor McMarcc
  7. Mr. Yolo
  8. Milo Marks
  9. Carl Letchson
  10. The Old Guy on Lawn Street
Other Notes: Pilot

First Holiday Special

Proceeded by: Terrimarketers

In the spirit of the Holidays, a charity program is entitled to find a new Santa, first come first serve, to entertain children at the Leroy DeGoulde Mall. However, to get a chance to sit atop the world's tallest Christmas tree on pure cotton upholstery, all the students at TRJH compete in a sled race to the mall. Can Kris and Zazie fulfill his dream, or will this competition ruin the whole spirit of the season?

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