Stay away from him, Beryl. He’ll hurt you. He’ll hurt you in order to hurt me.


Kriss Raikelli

Captain Kriss Raikelli is an officer in the Imperial Navy and the fraternal twin brother of Nic White.


  • Species: Human from Naboo
  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 35 (born 44 BBY)
  • Alignment: Dark
  • Appearance:
  • Weapons/Equipment: Imperial issue equipment including Blaster, uniform, Captain’s code cylinders.
  • Primary Role Player: starmark2k


Kriss Raikelli was raised in the capital city of Theed with his twin brother Simon Raikelli. As a child Kriss fell in love with a young women called Tanya Seasa and as they got older their love grew and they soon married.

Like his brother, Kriss chose to follow his father's foot steps and join the Naboo Royal Security Force. He was never a great soldier but he did graduate and was transferred to the administration department. He spent most of his career behind a desk doing all the paper work until the Clone Wars began. During the war he appointed as the NRSF liaison with Grand Army of the Republic. Towards the end of the war, his brother returned from the front lines. Unbeknownst to Simon, an assassin was tracking him and Kriss had no choice but to kill the assassin to protect his brother.

During the last days of the Republic, Kriss was called away from the front to aid in a hostage situation involving the Queen of Naboo. In the ensuing chaos, his wife was shot dead, by his brother's own hand. Simon soon disappeared and Kriss vowed on the grave of his dead wife to get revenge for what was taken from him.

He enlisted into the Empire and became the model soldier, following every order to the letter and finished top of the class. He rose through the ranks quickly, attaining the rank of captain and was assigned to the Reaper, all the while continuing to search for Simon, intent on exacting his revenge.

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