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Hiro Hamada: For giving!

(Kristoff laughs)

(Jack Frost and Hiro Hamada are having fun, Jamie makes a Christmas list, and Kristoff takes the letter to the wind)

Narrator: Kristoff and his friends made a special list of Christmas wishes, but did Kristoff check it twice?

Hiro: Kristoff, you didn't ask that for a friend!

Kristoff: I didn't get the letter to the North Pole.

(Oliver and Marie hugs Kristoff, and Kristoff blew into the wind)

Narrator: Now this predictable ice man is a man with a mission,

(Jack Frost gets Kristoff out by ramming into the broom on the fireplace, while Kristoff flies on the balloon, Oliver and Marie riding on the sled)

Kristoff: We are going to bring Christmas to everyone!

Jack Frost: Whoo-hoo!

(Hiro Hamada freaks out about not getting the letter, while Kristoff flies on the sled, and Jack Frost was very happy, and Kristoff and his friends go outside)

Narrator: but time's running out! Will Santa really forget Kristoff and the gang?

Jack Frost: Nah.

Narrator: It's Kristoff the Ice Man and Christmas Too.

Title: Kristoff the Ice Man and Christmas Too.

Tagline: Coming This Christmas 2016.

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