Kronos is an Indie Rock band owned by James Cronin. It put out it's first album in mid-2007, and since then has given us a total of 12 LPs, 2 EPs, one live album, and a soundtrack. As a band Kronos has given Cronin more of a mixed fanbase, with fans often fighting over the stories told in the albums. All the albums tell the story of Kronos, an older man with a bad history. In each album Kronos progresses into an "anti-hero" that in the end is left just as he began. The albums are split up into two "books". Book one, or KRONOS, is already over. Much to the anger of his fans however, Cronin said that he "just can't at this time" pick up on the second part or "book two", often shown as Kr-Pii. This one is ment to fallow Kronos' step-son, Alex as an older teen or so. Two singles have already been issued. The Face of Love and A White Demon Love Song are downloadable now.

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