Krystal-Vicious is a Dorian episode.


  • After breaking the sculpture of the man. Krystal is furious and sets out to be hardcore. She beats everything up, even Kronk. Will Dorian and the others stop her? Note: Krystal is wearing a Shirley Fenette outfit and nude tights.


  • Dorian
  • Krystal
  • Kuzco
  • Hannah
  • Dorian's Mom
  • Kronk


Part 1

  • (We see Krystal, wearing her Shirley Fenette outfit and her nude tights, standing in front of the sculpture)
  • Krystal: This sculture is very perfect for me.
  • (Suddenly, Kuzco appears, breaking the sculpture)
  • Krystal: My sculpture! Kuzco!
  • Kuzco: Oops! It was an accident.
  • (Kuzco gets hit by the high heeled pumps Krystal threw off)
  • Krystal: That's it! I'm going shoeless and hardcore!
  • Kuzco: That hurts!
  • Dorian: Krystal, apologize to Kuzco.
  • Krystal: No! You're a coward from now on. Goodbye! (Krystal leaves)
  • Kuzco: Well, here comes trouble.
  • (Krystal is still in a bad mood)
  • Ron: Hi, Krystal.
  • Krystal: Grr! I hate you!
  • (Krystal throws Ron to the trash)
  • Ron:

Part 2

Part 3

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