Krystal Fenette is a Dorian episode.


  • When Krystal is looking in her closet, she finds the Shirley Fenette outfit and the nude tights. So removes her normal outfit and puts them on. Then she starts having fun.


  • Krystal


Part 1

  • (We see Krystal looking through her closet).
  • Krystal: Let me see, a ha! A Shirley Fenette outfit along with nude tights. I'm gonna wear them.
  • (Krystal removes her clothes, gloves, headband and boots and puts on the Shirley Fenette outfit and the nude tights)
  • Krystal: Boy do i look sexy?
  • (Krystal jumps to her bed)
  • Krystal: Okay. Just try and stretch my legs up. That's good. Now to wiggle my toes and sing a song with my guitar. But first i'll take my legs down. That's good. Now to sing a song with my guitar.
  • (Krystal picks up a guitar and starts to sing)
  • Krystal: (singing) I feel sexy, oh so sexy, i feel sexy and lovely and cute. For my lovely outfit and those pesky nude tights, i'm so very sexy.
  • (Krystal notices her shoes)
  • Krystal: Must hide them under my bed.
  • (Krystal hides the shoes under her bed)
  • Krystal: Now what am i gonna do? I got an idea! Paint a mural in Time Lapse Blur. I'll do it.
  • (Krystal starts painting a mural in Time Lapse Blur while Barber of Seville overture plays)
  • Krystal: Ta da! All painted. Oh, i'm so cutie!
  • (Krystal jumps back to her bed)
  • Krystal: (laughs happily)
  • (Krystal notices her ballet slippers)
  • Krytal: Maybe i can do ballet.
  • (Krystal puts on her slippers)
  • Krystal: Time to dance.
  • (Krystal dances to nutcracker music)
  • Krystal:

Part 2

Part 3

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