Krystal and The Bee is the twenty first episode of the seventh Season of Cartoon Paridise. It aired alongside the eleventh Season 6 episode Tooty and The Runaway Roller Skates on the Shining Time Paridise episode Julie and Kathy's Missing Shoes.


  • Ash, Brock, Ralph, Nelson, Bailey, Rebecca, Krystal, Koji and Chopper are having a perfect day at Cartoon High School. Krystal brags to both Bailey and Rebecca that she's the smartest Poke Scout on earth. Ash and Nelson notice that Krystal is a snobby ranger and soon decide to teach her a lesson. However, a bee flies into the school and it lands on Krystal's hair. A swarm of bees give chase to her and soon she heads to the pool and splashes into the water. Soon, Krystal is with her nose stung red and is taken to the medical room, where Anna and Proctor have to make her nose get cured. A few days later, Krystal's nose is healed and Rita and Samantha are happy that she's been very brave.


  • Ash Ketchum
  • Brock
  • Ralph
  • Nelson
  • Bailey
  • Rebecca
  • Krystal
  • Koji
  • Chopper
  • Dr. Anna
  • Dr. Proctor
  • Rita
  • Samantha


  • US: Michael Brandon.
  • UK: Michael Angelis.

Music Included

  1. Middle Engine Intro (start)
  2. Diesel's Season 6-7 theme (when Koji and Chopper are studying carefully)
  3. Rheneas and The Roller Coaster Runaway Theme (when a swarm of bees chase Krystal around the school)
  4. Scaredy Engines Ending (when Krystal apologizes to the others)


  • Michael Brandon: It was a bright and shiny day at Cartoon High School. All of the trainers were having a wonderful time. There were lots of homework because today was the big talent show. Ash, Brock, Ralph and Nelson were excited. Bailey, Rebecca, Krystal, Koji and Chopper were helping them take the decorations.
  • Ash: I really like the way every talent show has a performance.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Ash.
  • Brock: It would be lovely to see girls in pretty tights.
  • Michael Brandon: Gushed Brock.
  • Ralph: I just can't wait for Nikki to arrive.
  • Michael Brandon: Replied Ralph.
  • Nelson: It will be a perfect day for us.
  • Michael Brandon: Added Nelson.
  • Bailey: You know what? We're bound to have normal outfits.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Bailey.
  • Rebecca: And in fact, there are casual parties here at any location.
  • Michael Brandon: Reminded Rebecca.
  • Krystal: I was having doubts about being snobby.
  • Michael Brandon: Chuckled Krystal. Meanwhile, Koji and Chopper were studying carefully.
  • Koji: I knew about having homework today.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Koji.
  • Chopper: I like Nario because he's my brother.
  • Michael Brandon: Replied Chopper.
  • Koji: We knew about working hard.
  • Michael Brandon: Reminded Koji.
  • Chopper: Right you are.
  • Michael Brandon: Agreed Chopper. Later that day, the two boys met Ash and the others.
  • Ash: Everything will be just perfect.
  • Michael Brandon: Ash said.
  • Bailey: Especially the magic.
  • Michael Brandon: Grinned Bailey.
  • Koji: So, we have been having good times.
  • Michael Brandon: Koji replied.
  • Chopper: There's no place like High School.
  • Michael Brandon: Smiled Chopper.
  • Krystal: I'm sure it will be easy.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Krystal. Then, there was trouble. A bee flew into the school and landed on Krystal's hair.
  • Krystal: Grr, get off my hair!
  • Michael Brandon: Snapped Krystal, but the bee just called a swarm of them to give chase to her.
  • Michael Brandon: Shrieked Krystal and she raced away.
  • Ash: Blast my head!
  • Michael Brandon: Cried Ash.
  • Koji: Son of a freak!
  • Michael Brandon: Exclaimed Koji.
  • Rebecca: We have to stop Krystal from getting attacked by the bees.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Rebecca and the chase went on.
  • Krystal: Help!
  • Michael Brandon: Wailed Krystal.
  • Bailey: We're coming, Krystal!
  • Michael Brandon: Called Bailey. Soon, Krystal headed to the pool and she jumped into the water.
  • Nelson: Are you alright, Krystal?
  • Michael Brandon: Asked Nelson. Krystal emerged from the water, soaked, wet and with her red nose.
  • Krystal: I think so.
  • Michael Brandon: She said. Soon, Anna and Proctor inspected Krystal's nose.
  • Anna: Oh dear.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Dr. Anna.
  • Anna: Your nose has been red.
  • Proctor: You weren't snobby like that.
  • Michael Brandon: Replied Dr. Proctor.
  • Krystal: Now i'll wait until my nose gets cured.
  • Michael Brandon: Sighed Krystal. A few days later, she came back with her cured nose.
  • Rita: Wow, Krystal, you were lucky for having your nose cured.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Rita.
  • Samantha: You know you were lucky.
  • Michael Brandon: Added Samantha.
  • Krystal: That's what i expected.
  • Michael Brandon: Grinned Krystal and all of the other trainers agreed with her.

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