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These are the ranks of Kuk Sool Won based on the Kuk Sool Won in Meyerland, Houston, Texas, U.S.

Little Dragons (4&5 year olds)

  • White Belt
  • White Belt/w Yellow Stripe Belt
  • White Belt/w Blue Stripe Belt
  • White Belt/w Red Stripe Belt
  • White Belt/w Brown Stripe Belt
  • Yellow Belt/w White Stripe Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Etc.

Kids and Adults (6&Older)

  • White Belt
  • Yellow Stripe Belt
  • Yellow Belt
  • Blue Stripe Belt
  • Blue Belt
  • Red Stripe Belt
  • Red Belt
  • Brown Stripe Belt
  • Brown Belt
  • 1 Black Stripe Belt
  • 2 Black Stripes Belt (Dombonym Belt)
  • Black Tape Stripes are given for every 3 months as a Dombonym.
  • Black Belt

Degrees of Black Belt

  • Jo Kyo Nym 1st Degree
  • Kyo Sa Nym 2nd Degree
  • Pu Sah Buh Nym 3rd Degree
  • Sah Buh Nym 4th Degree
  • Kwang Jang Nym 5th thru 8th Degrees
  • Chong Kwang Jang Nym 9th Degree
  • Kuk Sa Nym 10th Degree or Grandmaster

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