Kult Kidz is a Video Collection from Contender Entertainment Group


  • Bod From 1975 (The Green Video)
  • Hattytown Tales From 1980 (The Blue Video)
  • Joe From 1966 (The Pink Video)
  • Mr Magoo From 1960 (The Yellow Video)
  • Hector's House From 1968 (The Blue Video)
  • Fingerbobs From 1972 (The Yellow Video)
  • Moschops From 1983 (The Purple Video)
  • Charlie Brown and Snoopy From 1983 (The Red Video)
  • The Flumps From 1976 (The Orange Video)
  • Willo The Wisp From 1981 (The Green Video)
  • Button Moon From 1980 (The Pink Video)
  • Mary, Mungo And Midge From 1969 (The Blue Video)
  • Crystal Tipps And Alistair From 1972 (The Pink Video)
  • Roland Rat From 1980 (The Red Video)
  • Fred Bassett From 1976 (The Pink Video)
  • Roobarb From 1974 (The Green Video)
  • The Herbs From 1968 (The Yellow Video)
  • Henry's Cat From 1983 (The Green Video)
  • The Perishers From 1979 (The Red Video)
  • Spot From 1987 (The Pink Video)
  • Jamie and the Magic Torch From 1976 (The Purple Video)
  • Portland Bill From 1983 (The Orange Video)
  • Charlie Chalk From 1987 (The Blue Video)
  • Stories From Toyland From 1972 (The Purple Video)
  • Puppydog Tales From 1991 (The Green Video)
  • Ludwig From 1977 (The Pink Video)

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