Kult Kidz Videos is a VHS from Contender Entertainment Group


  1. Bod, On This Video © Nippers/Bodfilms 1975
  2. The Herbs, 6 Herbidacious Tales © FilmFair/Michael Bond
  3. Fingerbobs, Yoffy lifts a finger © Joanne & michael Cole/Q-3 London
  4. Roland Rat, Rat on the Road © Yorkshire Television
  5. Mr Magoo, 6 Greatest Stroies © United Productions of America
  6. Willo The Wisp, 7 Complete Stories © The Spargo Sisters/Nick Spargo
  7. The Perishers, Daily Mirror Strip Cartoons Come Alive © Daily Mirror Newspapers/FilmFair
  8. The Flumps, 3 Flumptastie Episodes © David Yates
  9. Button Moon, With The Spoon Family in Five Tales © Playboard Puppets/Thames TV
  10. Hector's House, Twelve Adventures for Hector © Europe Images SA 1965
  11. Mary, Mungo And Midge, 3 Tales from a New Town © John Ryan Studios
  12. Crystal Tipps And Alistair, 13 Groovy Tales © Hilary Hayton/Q3 London
  13. Roobarb And Custard, 8 Tales From a Simple-minded Green dog © Roobarb Enterprises/Bob Godfrey's Movie Emporium
  14. Fred Bassett, 10 Great Episodes © Alex Graham/Bill Melendez Productions
  15. Henry's Cat, Join Henry's Cat, and His Friends in 3 Episodes © Bob Godfrey Films Ltd and Stan Hayward
  16. Spot, 6 Delightful Stories © Eric Hill/Salspot/King Rollo Films Ltd
  17. Charlie Chalk, 3 Tales from Strange Island © Woodland Animations
  18. Jamie And The Magic Torch, The Best Animated Series © Cosgrove-Hall Films/Freemantlemedia
  19. Puppydog Tales, Scripted and Narrated by Victoria Wood © Hilary Hayton/Doris Films
  20. Stories From Toyland, 3 Tales of Larry Lamb © S.G. Hulme Beaman
  21. Portland Bill, 4 Classic Adventures © John Grace/FilmFair Ltd
  22. Joe, 3 Episodes from a Little Boy © Alison Prince/Q3 London
  23. Ludwig, 13 Musical Tales © Mirek Lang 1977
  24. Hattytown Tales, Hats off to Sancho © FilmFair/Hattyland Enterprises
  25. Moschops, Told by Bernard Cribbens © FilmFair London Presentations 1983
  26. Charlie Brown and Snoopy, Classic Shorts of the Peanuts Gang © United Feature Syndicate

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