Kult kids/Theodore Tugboat is a parody with Kult kids pictures and Theodore Tugboat sounds.

The cast is:

  • Dangermouse from dangermouse in 1981 as Theodore
  • Basil Brush from the basil brush show in 1968 as Hank
  • Chorlton from chorlton and the wheelies in 1976 as George
  • Count duckula from count duckula in the 80's as Foduck
  • Mavis Cruet from willo the wisp in 1981 as Emily
  • Superted from superted in 1982 as The Dispatcher
  • Norman price from fireman sam in 1987-1994 as Oliver
  • Prince Pyjamarama from the further adventures of superted in 1989 as Tex
  • Henry's cat from henry's cat in 1983 as Shelburne

Fireman sam is not a kult kids. But it is classic from the 90's.

The further adventures of superted was not in the UK, It was in the USA. It is not a kult kids. But it is 21 years old and It is classic.

  • Footage: UK
  • Audio: Classic Media

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