This is the front line of defense between the realms of dynamically peaceful activity and the realms of warfare. We can think of this as our immune system, whether on a personal level or at a global scale. Global purgatory is currently Subterranean, but historical report tells that before the Age of Pisces the esoteric dimension of Earth was more heavenly while the surface was relatively desolate.

This is the lowest level of consciousness where role-playing gaming ( RPG ) retains cosmic ordainment, where theism is civilly empowered by Terrestrial reality. It is a hallucinatory phase and may technically be called subconscious, and is the inferior limit of karmic salvation. Purgatory specifically is the bottom basement; this is where holy wars are declared once judgement has been issued from Satania. Purgatory is also a realm where Terrestrial civilians may give attention to austerities and penance for the purpose of rehabilitation.

In terms of the Dungeons & Dragons ( D&D ) RPG, two styles of gaming overlap here, which I refer to as the qualitatively inferior Draconic mood and the superior Arcane-Incarnate mood, while a moderate style which I call Peloric has partial overlap from above. From below a partial overlap exists from what may be thought of as the cheating realms, where rather than emphasising D&D my preference is the World of Darkness ( WoD ) family of RPGs. Specifically here is the influence of Mage: The Ascension and Mage: The Awakening.

In combining the principles of kundalini and chakra, or Purgatory and Satania, I wish to address the peaceful activism of the draconic deities. They are both the game masters and the superlative and superior players within their own realm, which is warfare. However, they are primarily the non-player characters who are most powerfully cooperative in obedience to the higher nature of chakra consciousness. Two levels of chakra bring relative controllership down into Kundalini Chakra: Dharma Chakra which is the nature of egotistical prejudice that distinguishes the path of Via Affirmativa from Via Negativa, or in other words the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil which the snake in the Garden of Eden used to pull Adam and Eve down into incarnation; Danda Chakra is the supernature of the wizard's staff which sanctifies what I sometimes call totem pole consciousness, or the type of exclusive prioritization which stacks one favored entity on top of the other one by one.

Since these two relatively transcendental chakras, equivalent also to the cosmically traditional root and sacral chakras, tend to facilitate the functionality of the Kundalini Chakra, we may study their influence here in brief. Dharma Chakra emphasizes social honor in the face of violence, and is in its balance dependant upon prejudice or evalutive attitude. This is the energetic and material field of perception drawn upon by the wisest of those dragons who take special responsibility for both their own communities and our planet as a whole. By the messages carried within this dharmic field the wyrmic councils will make peace or break into warfare.

Danda Chakra, which has the strongest interactive overlap here, gives a type of totem pole design to the pantheon of draconic deities. Superlative amongst these is the Platinum Dragon Bahamut, along with Tamara, Lendys and Astilabor, with Hlal as a relatively chaotic associate to Satania. Technically superlative amongst the dragons of Purgatory, Hlal is then joined functionally by Chronepsis, Tiamat and the Concordant Dragon Io. Though Aasterinian and Falazure do not work within the karmic boundaries of literal Purgatory, they do still participate in relation to a hellish range of sub-purgatorial desecration, and then finally Garyx is the most chaotic and evil of the group and is outside the guidelines of law and order entirely.

In my own local universe, I am currently inviting further extention to this totem pole by including a number of recently popular dragons. Beneath the position of Garyx are, respectively, Foda, Palsha, Korosagra, Silversheen and Caululithrax. Likewise, do I welcome the demigods of Mount Olympus and Mount Meru to participate from the qualitatively superior levels of cosmic consciousness, headed by Archangels Metatron and Michael. Archangel Gabriel shall also maintain meaningful interactivity from his own realm, higher still, as he coordinates many supernatural spirits who indulge interest in the activities of Kundalini Chakra.

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