LionKingRulez88's movie-spoofs and this is a parody of DreamWorks 2008 film "Kung Fu Panda".


  • Po the Panda - Mushu [Mulan]
  • Master Shifu - King julien madagascar
  • Tigress - Gia the Jaguar
  • Monkey - So-So the monkey
  • Crane -Blu Rio
  • Mantis - Flik A Bugs Life
  • Viper - Kaa The Jungle Book
  • Tai Lung - Shere Khan [The Jungle Book]
  • Mr. Ping - Jaju[The Sion King]
  • Master Oogaway - Panja (Cesar) [Kimba the White Lion]
  • Zeng - Iago [Aladdin]
  • Commander Vachir - Peter Potamus

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