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"Kung Fu Po Wrestler" is a Kung Fu Panda toy by Mattel.

Even though this was manfactured for Fisher-Price, I would call it a Mattel toy instead because of the logo of Mattel on it.

To activate, you could throw Po into any hard, flat surfaces. But, to wrestle him, you need to run over him or violently make him jump on any high surfaces.

Here are some of the sounds.

  • OUCH! (this is sensored when Po is wrestled & falls off stairs.)
  • Hey! Let go of me! (this is sensored when Po is flinged into the air or is tackled.)
  • Woohoo! (this is sensored when Po crashes into a wall.)
  • Let's see how awsome you are! (this is sensored when Po is ready for the owner to fight.)
  • YOW! (this is sensored when in the box or when Po is spun into a wall or any hard surfaces.)
  • Ready to defeat panda style? (this is sensored when in the box or when Po is ready for battle.)
  • Uh-OW! YIKES! OH, NO!! (this is sensored when Po is shaken or bounced.)
  • Let's defeat those foes! (this is sensored when Po finds some figures, even villans, & gets ready to knock them over.)
  • Whoooaaaa! (this is sensored when Po is tossed upside down.)
  • My tenders! (this is sensored when Po is tired of your wrestling & if his head hurts from the fight.)
  • That's it! I'm done with you today. (this is sensored when after the fight, Po would say that he'll not play with you.)
  • Thank you! (this is sensored when Po is not thrown.)

Po can be in the mood for some moves after you don't play with him.

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