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Welcome to the Kung Fu San Soo Wikia, a project to bring together students and masters of San Soo from around the world to debate and learn. If you are unfamiliar with San Soo, please read the Wikipedia page for San Soo and refer to the external links until a knowledge base is built here.

Goal of the Project

Like most styles of martial arts, there is plenty of debate surrounding San Soo. Unfortunately, if people stop communicating about their natural differences of opinion, the community will become divided. Because of this, techniques are lost, fundamental parts of the system could be altered, and hostility starts to grow between "rival" schools of thought. The KFSS Wikia is intended to bring some of that information back together, where it can be discussed on neutral ground and hopefully preserved for future generations of students.

How to use this Wikia

  1. Read guides such as this Wikipedia introduction if you haven't used a Wiki site before.
  2. Check some specific guides such as Project Martial Arts regarding how other Wiki martial arts sites have found common ground to build information.
  3. If you would like to add a new topic, use the entry field at the top of the page. Be sure to cite sources if you use information that you didn't create.
  4. To avoid an "edit war" use the Discussion tab at the very top of this page to post thoughts regarding any topic.

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