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I've been to Australia since 12th of March 2007. I came here to learn, to travel and for a bit adventure!


I'll stay in Sydney until 19th of Mai 2007. Now I'm living 100m from the beautiful Bondi Beach with very nice Kiwi homestay mother Adelade.

Here I am - Picture - see: sydney_skyshot_city.jpg

2007.04.15 - Trip to Blue Mountains and Featherdale Wildlife Park

Today I went with my Korean (Phai jo), Japanese (Kana), Switzerland (Jean Claude) and France (David) school mates to Blue Mountains which is about 3 hours away from Sydney.

We started at 7 a.m. and because the guide in our bus spoke only Korean, and wouldn’t translate into English, we were in a bad mood. The trip was organized by a Korean company, but we were really surprised that they didn’t speak English!

After the first few hours we realized that everyone who didn’t speak Korean were very lucky, because they could just ignore the Guide who spoke on and on without a break! We felt so sorry for Korean people there.

On the way we stopped at Featherdale Wildlife Park, where I saw and touched Kangaroos and Koala bears for the first time. Koalas are very softly in touch.

The animals had free reign, and were controlled by park rangers. That was a really nice experience to see the kangaroos running with the small joey’s in their pouches.

Some of the visitors ran with them.. it was very funny to see it.

Pictures Featherdale Wildlife Park

In the Blue Mountains we went at first to the caves. Some views inside were really amazing – with all the Stalactite (growing from above) and stalagmite (growing from below) highlighted in colorfully compositions. We also had our Korean lunch there (rice, beef, salad and much more, also the famous Korean Kimczki – I like it very much : )

After that we went to “Echo point” and we saw the big Canyon and the majestic Mountains, they are really blue. The views were beautiful especially the famous “Three Sisters”.

Pictures Blue Mountains

In Sydney I saw also the first time a Subway which has three or four levels, one under the other.

We arrived home at 10 p.m., it was too late for planed Korean Soju (korean alkohol drink .. really strong).

2007.04.09 - Surfing school

Surfing - It is like Sisyphean task.. but is really funny. I love it!

Pictures surfing school

New Zealand

I visited New Zealand from 8th of January 2007 until 11th of March 2007.

I learnt English in Auckland and traveled by car for one month through both Islands. That was one of the best times in my life.

Below is an essay, which I wrote for my school - it's one of my homeworks. I’ll attach some pictures soon.

New Zealand – Essay for GEOS school

New Zealand is in the South East about 2000 km from Australia. The Capital City is Wellington and the biggest city is Auckland. There lives about 4 million people and 60 million sheep. The first inhabitants were Maoris whose culture is still very active especially in Waitangi (North Island). New Zealand is known also for movies like “last samurai” and “lord of the ring”.

With 268 thousand square kilometer it is as big as Italy or Japan, which Includes a lot of Islands where the most famous are the Grate Barrier Island, the White Island and the Waiheke Island. In the South there are plenty of Mountains. Southern Alp has 30 peaks above 3000 meters. The biggest is Mount Cook at 3754 meters. The biggest Mountain in North Island is Mount Raupehu at 2797meters, which is also simultaneously an active volcano. The biggest Lake is Lake Taupo, which is the crater of another huge volcano. There are plenty of old volcanoes in the north, as well as in the south island.

The climate throughout the country is mild. The Temperature range from below 0°C (32°F) to 30°C (86°F). In the Northland the Climate is almost subtropical and on the West Coast of the South Island it is wet and cold. In Canterbury in the East South Island it is dry and continental. The Climate in some places is very different, so for example Auckland has twice as much rain then Christchurch (biggest City in South Island).

New Zealand offers plenty of attractions which include beautiful nature and different kinds of adventure.

In the north part of the North Island is Cape Reinga. There is a point, where you can see, how both the Pacific Ocean and Tasman Sea meet and “fight” together. In south from Cape Reinga is a desert where you can surf boat on the sand. This is where the Ninety Mile Beach starts from and which can be explored by bus. A bus can drive a long distance on the beach during low tide. Next is Bay of Islands, which has a lot of Islands, beaches and plankton, which lights in the night. In Auckland you can jump from the SkyTower, which is the highest Jump in New Zealand. Coming further down is Coromandel, with amazing green landscapes. The next City is Rotorua, which has a lot of hot water pools but smells like very old eggs. There are also Geysers with the famous one Lady Knox Geyser. In Taupo it is possible to do inexpensive Skydiving, and there is also a beautiful Bungee Jumping Platform. In the West are the famous Waitomo Caves, where there are a lot of caves with Glow Worms, which glow in the dark.

In the North West of the South Island is the Abel Tasman Park which is a beautiful place to do a few days walking and kayaking. In Kaikorua you can see whales and sea lions, and in Christchurch you can see dolphins. You should take the cable car to see amazing ocean and land views. The way from east to west is through Arthur’s Pass. It is in the Southern Alps where you can see snow in the middle of summer. A little bit farther to the south are the Franz and Fox Glaciers, where you can take a trip with a guide and go on the Ice. An Interesting fact is that the Glaciers are moving down about 1.5 meter per day. From there you can also see Mount Cook, the biggest Mountain in this Alps. On the way down south you travel between plenty of Lakes, one of them is the fantastic Mirror Lake and then you come to Queenstown. This City has amazing views of Lake and Mountains – on the left brown, on the right green and ahead snowy Mountain. Take the Gondola, try the luge, jet boating, rafting, helicopter flights, skydiving, and bungee jumping or try the world’s highest (canyon) swing which is 142 meters high. Next is “Te Anau”, a very nice small Town at the bottom of the Island, which is on the way to beautiful, amazing, incredible Fiord land and Milford Sound.

The New Zealand people are called Kiwis, because of their famous Kiwi bird. They are very nice, polite and helpful. Don’t be surprised, when somebody asks, if they can help to carry your shopping. When you ask the bus driver, where you are, after some minutes, not only will you know where you are, but you will be almost like a member of his family. Therefore the buses will indeed be a little bit late, but who cares? Don’t worry. Everything will be all right. And it is all right! I think the spiders like the cars very much, because each second car has a spider web. The “Fish and Chips” are called “Fush and Chups” and served very often in Newspapers.

In conclusion New Zealand offers dramatic beautiful nature, very nice company of the Maoris and Pakehas (white Kiwis) and a lot of attractions for adventure. When somebody has the possibility to go there, they should do it at least one time in their life, to imagine, how paradise could look.

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