Kusanagi Ninja Clan
Leader(s) Master Kusanagi
Location of
Flag of JapanNara, Nara, Japan

The Kusanagi Ninja Clan (草なぎ忍者氏族 Kusanagi Ninja Shizoku?) is a secret society that operates out of Nara, Japan. Although their intentions and actions are often honorable, they have had to fight with the police force of Nara from time to time. The Kusanagi Ninja Clan assists Alec Langley during the events of Sapphire Episode II.

Known members

Names in Other Languages
Language Foreign Name Latin Transliteration
Flag of Japan Japanese 草なぎ忍者氏族 Kusanagi Ninja Shizoku
Flag of Russia Russian Кусанаги Ниндзя Клан Kusanagi Nindza Klan
Flag of Greece Greek Κουσαναγι νιντζα σόι Kusanagi Nintza Sói
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese (Simplified) 草薙忍者家族 Cǎotì Rěnzhě Jiāzú
Flag of the Republic of China Chinese (Traditional) 草薙忍者家族 Cǎotì Rěnzhě Jiāzú
Flag of South Korea Korean 쿠사나기 닌자 씨족 Kusanagi Ninja Sshichok
Flag of Saudi Arabia Arabic كوساناغي نينجا عشيرة Kusanaghi Ninja 'Shirah

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