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A member of the Black Templars : The Latrocinium

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Personal Information
Name: Kyle James Anderson
Date of Birth: 14 March 1981
Birthplace: San Francisco, California
Ethnicity: American (Caucasion)
Marital Status: Unknown
Physical Description
Height: 6 ft 3 in
Weight: 225 lbs
Gender: Male
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Blue
Father: John Phillip Anderson [Deceased]
Mother: Maria Louise (Ballard) Anderson [Deceased]
Brother: David Lee Anderson
Sister: Ashley Marie Victor
  • Barrett REC7/M203
  • (w/ infrared targeting system & Red-Dot Sight)
  • H&K USP 40
  • Berreta 92F
  • Battle Knife, left shoulder mounted
  • Football
  • Comedy
  • Firearms
  • Electronics


Kyle, at 29 years of age, stands at approximately six feet three inches and weighs two hundred and twenty five pounds. Kyle didn't look like the kid he used to when he first joined. Partly because it had been a long time and second because of how he had been living at the base after everyone left. Anderson's hair was longer and didn't glisten like it once did. He was starting to be taken over by a beard, although, at this moment it was only long stubble and his once bright youthful blue eyes were now cold and weathered. Anderson fashions black padded assault pants with a matching black assault top overtop black Under-Armour. The Assualt top was a rather ornate and eloquently made fabric material that covered his upper body with a double stitched Dragon-Skin (T) weave underneath a fiber having increased cut resistance made from a fiber-forming polymer and a hard filler having a Mohs Hardness Value greater than about 3, it could withstand a beating. The filler was included in an amount of about 0.05% to about 20% by weight. In preferred embodiments, the fiber-forming polymer was poly(ethylene terephthalate) or a liquid crystalline polyester comprising monomer units derived from 6-hydroxy-2-naphthoic acid and 4-hydroxybenzoic acid. The preferred fillers in Shayne's vest included tungsten and alumina. Basically, his clothing was bullet and cut resistant. It was more improved than Furthermore, tactical pads were worn over top the clothes and he had possession of a balaclava, tactical helmet, and NVG’s. He wears a custom made black shoulder holster with three extra magazine holders on the opposite side when around the base.


The smartass kid that used to roam the halls of Eterbury was no more. The seriousness of his job in the Rangers bred the lighthearted "war is fun" attitude that he held for all of the operations with the Black Templars. The "fun" was now lacking. His demeanor was much darker than it had been the last time the Templars saw him. He wasn't as immature (even though he didn't think he was then either) and less obnoxious. The pretty boy attitude/appearance had no remnants. A sense of humor still held on by a thread, but otherwise, he was more reserved and let him actions do the talking. He sometimes will try to take over a situation due to the fact he had been working alone for the past year and he was used to being in charge. He is more confidant in himself and very picky when it comes to leaning on others. At this point the only real people he trusts is Xenos Mortium and Carlos Sanchez. To him, those three are the Black Templars until the others prove themselves. The year of 'round the clock work and solo operations made him better and more self-reliant. It didn't go as far as that he didn't know how to work with a team anymore, he just knew what his limitations were. His reflexes were sharper, his instincts were more fine tuned, and (just like Colonel Xenos) he was beginning to understanding the true art of war.


He carries a suppressed REC7/M203 with infrared targeting system with Red-Dot Sight. In addition, he carries two suppressed MP5K’s. Lastly, as a side arm, he holsters one lone suppressed USP 40. In the likely chance he runs out of ammo (as he only carries a limited amount of 5.56mm, 9mm, and .40 S&W rounds all in a black camel-pak), he has a 18.25” machete with a virtually indestructible blade, charged by high energy ionized plasma, cuts through practically any material except another blade of its kind. If they need to capture someone, he brings tear gas and wears a MSA Millennium Gas Mask. He has nothing concerning personal belongings. He joined the military to have a home and to be cared for and left anything that he could take with him behind. He had a picture of his parents with him for the longest time, however, he lost it around the HQ at some point.


He considers himself an exceptional tactician and will give suggestions for operations. He knows CQC(Close-Quarters Combat) and aikijujitsu.


Kyle was born to wealthy parents and was raised like a normal child. He lived in the San Francisco Bay Area and went to a private school there. He received rather high marks. During the course of his childhood, he tried racing, football, surfing and other things but he never stuck with anything. His parents dreamed that he would take over the family business that spawned all their fortune. However, he did not want to take over their company. At that age, he didn’t care about unbreakable condoms. By age 18, he was ready to go off to college. His parents had money saved up to sent him to Harvard but it never happened. Over the summer after his senior year, his parents were brutally murdered and all of their fortune gone.The police found out that some church radical killed them wanting to enforce sex before marriage teaching. Kyle had to sell the company, home and all their assets due to bills, minor debt, and restoration of the severely damaged house(from the murder). The crook, after stabbing them repeatedly, blew apart the foundation and left the house in a heap. The action also did left some money in his pocket. Not enough to go to school though. He knew now that the only way to get an education was if someone gave him a scholarship. He received several but none of it could cover any of the schools he wanted to attend. That is when he enlisted into the Army. He would have liked to go to one of his family member's houses but he had no where else to go. His parents lost contact with their families long before his birth. After Basic Training, he joined the 75th Ranger Regiment and was leading a team within 2 years after his Squad Leader was KIA. He led his Ranger Team through multiple operations for 2 years. He applied to Delta Force once he fulfilled the requirements of 4.5 years of service, at least a rank of E-5, and have a general technical score of 110 or higher. After getting into Delta, he toured with them for another 4 years. He was Honorably Discharged with medals abroad including a Distinguished Service Cross, and 3 Purple Hearts.

One Purple Heart was received after becoming squad leader. He was still pretty young and inexperienced, however, so was his group. He accidentally led them into an ambush resulting in him getting shot in shoulder, through-and-through. A second Purple Heart was during an operation in Afganistan, He lead his team in to recover intel from a bunker. He got it but on the way out, he was attacked resulting in them missing thier chopper. Basically his whole team received the Purple Heart, he personally was shot in the left arm. He re-established contact and were picked up 2 days later. His last Purple Heart was acheived in a firefight when in Delta in Iraq. One of his men was hit in the middle of a road and he went out with the medic to treat him. He was caught with a bullet right above the right part of his ass and it traveled up his back and ricocheted out off his rib, fracturing it. He was given the Distinguished Service Cross upon his debreifing from his last operation. During that time, they reviewed his file and nominated him for it.

After a several year partnership with the Black Templars, the BT disbanded. He headed back to San Francisco only to realize his real home was back in Eterbury. He went back to the headquarters and stayed there monitoring Black Templar operatives and their movements. He also spent time tapping into secure lines and gathering intel on black ops targets and sold the information to governments to keep some sort of cash inflow on top of lone wolf operations. He didn't want to lose his edge, therefore, he still operated out of the base...and he has been at HQ ever since.

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