Kymond Adrian B. Dimaandal is a 11 year old boy who is obssesed of making flash movies and games,he uses Pivot and Easy toon,he isn't happy of the results of his movies(As he can't make games,cause he doesn't know how!).But he is trying to improve!He has been a member of many forums and sites and games!He uses the follwing:kymond,kymond2,kojimastick,kojima and other words with it.He submits his movies to he was born at October 28,1995.He is fat,tall,has brown curly hair,a big head(his fellow classmates says),brown eyes.In the form of years,his failure is becoming better,he has a flash MX trial,now he is working on flash.Some of his friends has ignored him.But it may be redeemed.

Here is a image of him(from left to right:Kymond Alex Gerard):37443264529666l

Links to Kymond:

clarence was here lol

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