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This is the core of our group. The Nine of us. Currently, there are only eight, seeing as the Chikyuu no Tamashii is without a host. But I shall list us here, our true names, and what our element is.

1. Xanatrix Zadare of Vogetani

  Leader of the Nine
  Element: True Energy, or Fallen

2. Camille Zadare of Hikari

  Consort and Husband of Xanatrix
  Element: Light

3. Cerius of Ankoku

  Element: Darkness

4. Priomazet of Denkou

  Brother to Xanatrix, not by blood
  Element: Lightning

5. Hygaril of Honoko

  Mystery to all but Xanatrix
  Element: Fire

6. Akashka of Hyouga

  Element: Ice

7. Rokusa of Kaiyou

  Element: Water

8. Zados Chronometri of Chikyuu

  Element: Earth

9. Shaska of Kuuki

  Element: Wind

These are us. You shall see more quite soon.

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