These were made in 2002 to promote the film.

Arnold's Blueberry Smoothie

Helga's Strawberry Smoothie

Gerald's Super-Sweet Cherry

Phoebe's Very Very Berry Berry

Rhonda's Mango-Orange Sorbet

Sid Melon

Nadine's Sweet-as-Can-Be Strawberry

Nadine's Gorgeous Grape

Sheena's Cool Watermelon

Sheena's Green Apple Blast

Sheena's Sweet Pear

2 kids are playing a clapping game.

"Very very berry berry,

Nut and paraben-free,

Will you buy some for me?

Yes, no maybe so..." (continues as announcer says...)

Introducing Hey Arnold The Movie 2-in-1 Shampoo and Conditioner. Fast-drying, nut free and paraben-free, they'll have your kids looking cool and clean all at the same time!

Kid 1: Yes!

(The Hey Arnold Theme plays.)

Announcer: L'Oreal Kids.

Kid 2: Because we're worth it!

(commercial ends)

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