Setting : London and England

Period : 1990's

Staff: ?

Persons : -

F - Codename for the head of a section of British Counter Intelligence (section 33).(aka Dame Kate McClaren)

"Tsarina" - Codename for a British counter intelligence officer,

GRENADIER - Codemane for a British counter intelligcne officer,

NIGHTSUN - Codename for a British counter intelligence officer,

LUMBERJACK - Codename for a Canadian counter intelligence officer (on secondment) .

"Natasha" - Russian Agent, loyalties unclear..

Colnel Burford - American - Former Base Commander, currently on 'Medical' leave owing to a hi-profile incident where he claimed to have seen 'unusal' lights at the base.

'Colnel' Willams - (Acting) Base Commander USAF/RAF FENDYKE -

Other characters:

  • The Poacher
  • The Butcher
  • The Lady of the Lake
  • Greygoose

"Baba Yaga" - Russian agent, suspected to be the 'control'

Basic setup :

"Grenadier" has come under pressure from F to encourage members of section 33 (The College), to send in more information on "Baba Yaga" an that agent has bene showing interest in an agricultural research project that's close to RAF Fendyke ( an important base.). "Baba Yaga" is so called because 'she' because of the infleuence she wields.

However, Grenadier's investigations into Baba Yaga are complicated by other matters such as

  • Burford's stability.
  • Paperwork concerning 'Lucidity'

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