Scenario: Haiti One
Period: mid 1960s
Location: Haiti
Staff: One director, one to five main players.

Dramatis Personae

William Riveria (American) -  Liasion from Miskatonic University.  (Has a cousin in Hollywood)
Paula Carter (British) - Postgraduate Reader, in Anthropology, Newland University, England 
Dr. Matthews  (British) - Is head of the clinc,  and prior to this was active in Borneo and Malay. 
Dr. Forrest Charbonneau     (French)  - Dr Matthews Assistant. 
"The Priestess" -  Voodo practioner and keeper of sacred artefacts..


Period : Mid 60's

Location : Haiti


Matthews, Riveria and Carter are in Hati , as part of a medical mission which includes vaccination of the native population for polio. However, Riveria has heard that are some unusal rituals which occur in the hills above clinic, which naturally being an academic he wants to document.

Unbeknownst to Carter/Riveria (at least initally) is the existence of a clandestine group being trained for a 'black-op' inside Cuba. The Priestess knows of these activities and has been exploiting the voodo ideology as a means of not only covering for the 'black-op', but in order to control a lucrative trade in narcotics.. Previously an aspect of the Priestess work has gone wrong, which means that a number of 'dissaperances' have had to be explained away.

Rivera plans to leave the clinic one night in order to observe some of the 'rituals' but initally is reluctant to allow Carter to come. This is until Carter goes into an argument about 'male' attitudes in Western culture (something Riveria has tried to avoid) and they decide to observe the rituals together. Matthews is called into town, although cryptically he just says he has to see a man about pineapples, (which Carter thinks is an odd cargo).

Both Carter and Riveria are present in the bushes when a "ritual" begins, but it's not exactly what they were expecting...

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