Anakin Skywalker - Red Ranger

Ben Kenobi - Blue Ranger

Saesee Tiin - Yellow Ranger

Luminara Unduli - Pink Ranger

Kit Fisto - Green Ranger



Commando Droids

Battle Droid Pilots

First Battle Scrip

Anakin: Red Ranger

Ben: Blue Ranger

Saesee Tiin: Yellow Ranger

Luminara: Pink Ranger

Kit: Green Ranger

Anakin: WE 5 come togeter as...

All: GoRanger

Anakin: Lightsaber Whip

(Anakin takes out Droid Pilots)

(Ben takes out a Droid Pilot)

Kit: Lightsaber-merang

(Take out a Droid)

(Saesee takes a B1 Droid)

(Ben takes out another Droid)

(Luminara takes out another droid)

(Commando Droids come in the battle)

Luminara: Hold it right there.

(Luminara uses the force on the Commandos)

Anakin: Take this

(Anakin takes out a Commando)

Anakin: You won't escape this time.

TX-20: Send in some Electro Staff Commando

(Magna Commando comes in)

Anakin: Luminara! Use the force.

Luminara: Okay!

(Luminara takes out the Commando and TX-20 with the force)

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