Episode 1 - Federation Attack

1. bomb squad trooper as ig-88

2. watto as scout trooper

3. at-at driver as boba fett

4. obi-wan kenobi

5. r2-d2 as jedi knight

6. gungan soldier as wookiee

7. cad bane as clone trooper

Episoe 2 - Cad bane's sin

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi

2. hoth Soldier as scout trooper

3.  han solo

4. arf trooper as battle droid

5. bossk as tusken raider

6. general veers as ig-88

7. wicket as boba fett

8. Cad bane as Clone Trooper Achan

9. Governor Vizsla as Super Battle Droid

10. Endor Rebel as Clones 

vechices;  at-rt replaces slave 1

a-wing fighter replces the turbo tank

rancor replaces patrick's rock

Episdo 3: Prisoner

1. Prisoner as samsn

2. arf trooper as c-3po

3. assassin droid as super battle droid

4. cops as Filitensiens

5. boba fett as clone commander

6. nute gunray as clones

7. librarian - lego minifigure collention   as slave girl

8. Farmer with Shovel as Pirate


1. Sky Runner replaces the cave

2. Tank Droid replaces Dwarf spider droid

Episdoe 4: Obi-Wan gets kidnapped

1. Obi-Wan Kenobi

2. Clone Commando as General Veers

3. Hoth Soldier as Yoda

4. Stormtroopers

5. Darth Vader

6. Battle Droid Commander With Blaster as Imperial Guard

7. Bank Rober with Money and Sack as Pirate

8. Jar Jar Binks as  Qui-Gon Jinn


Gunship - Falcon

Music: Imperial March

Episode 5: A New Hope Story at Theed Palace

1. Anakin Skywalker

2. Padme

3. General Grevipus with 4 lightsaber as Clone Jetpack Troper

4. Darth Maul as Boba

5. Star Corps Trooper as Dengar

6. Assassin Droid as IG-88

7. Clone Trooper (Episode 2) as Bib Fortuna

8. Chancellor Palpatine

9. Magnaguard as emperor's royal guard

10. super battle droid as tx-20

11. Anakin Skywaker (Young)

Vechices: TIE Figher replaces Padme's Ride

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